A robotic glove that enables people with hand paralysis to complete daily activities.

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Holyday Event

Help Us Give Away NeoManos To Those Who Need Them

We know that a stroke, or even just weakened hand function, can take a toll in many ways. Some may be struggling financially with the impact of this issue and even our early bird pricing may be out of reach.

In this holiday season, we want to give our supporters a way to help those who could see a great impact in their lives with the help of the NeoMano.


For every 15 of our new T-shirt perks that are claimed we will deliver a NeoMano to someone who you nominate. Here is how you can help:

1. Purchase a T-shirt and/or forward this link to someone who will support us in claiming this T-shirt perk.

2. Simply complete the form below to nominate someone to receive a free NeoMano from this effort.


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